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Broadcasting in High Definition

Students broadcasting

Gone are the days of blurry newscasts and clunky camera equipment — journalism students at Cal Poly are now broadcasting in high definition. The university's on-campus, student-run TV studio has been upgraded with the latest video production technology, allowing Cal Poly to switch from standard definition (SD) to high-definition (HD) broadcasts. Read More

Cal Poly Cares Program Supports Student Success

The journey to graduation isn’t a smooth one for every student at Cal Poly. For some, the road to success is marked by unexpected — and costly — events that can cripple a budget or, even worse, derail a promising mind from reaching its potential. The Cal Poly Cares Program aims to make that road a little less bumpy and, ultimately, ensure that every student in need stays on the path to graduation. Read More

Cal Poly Couple Makes Gift for the Future

Robert and Susan Brown

Robert “Bob” and Susan Brown are first-generation college graduates. Bob’s father drilled oil, and Susan’s family worked on the family farm in Oxnard. When Bob and Susan left home to attend Cal Poly, their fathers didn’t see the point of college. Read More